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Travel With Us And Stay Connected On The Go

More often than not, when you could be working… you’re driving, this isn’t effective time management. Many business hours are lost behind the wheel every day and when train travel is noisy and distracting Somerset Exec Travel is the solution, effectively becoming your mobile office. When you need peace and quiet to concentrate, or make that important business call, sit in the comfort of our long-wheelbase Mercedes Benz S-Class, complete with rear executive pack enabling extra leg room, reclining, heated/ventilated seats and optional window blinds to the sides and rear for your privacy. Arrive in style and show you mean business, our drivers are able to move you to your chosen destination and offer a waiting service should you need it.

“All our drivers hold client confidentiality and integrity with the utmost importance – Your privacy is our priority”.

Somerset Exec Travel - Mobile Office

Mercedes Benz S-class was crowned 2016 luxury car of the year and is known for its smooth ride. Plus, air suspension ensures road vibrations are non-existent allowing you to get on with your work without disruption. You can also charge your devices on the go whilst making use of our 4G WIFI as standard.

“Book your business or corporate travel today and make better use of your precious time”.

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